Deep Calls To Deep

Deep Calls to Deep June of 1975 marked a time of demarcation for me. It resulted from making major life decisions, followed by a time embracing the needed preparations, as well as in weathering serious challenges in my quest to redirect the focus of my life to serving the Lord. The challenges had been severe, […]

Remembering, Zeal and Recovery

Remembering, Zeal and Recovery Between the words to key segments of the Church given to John the Revelator and the answer given to Daniel’s humble request to understand, are insights revealing a profound glimpse into the times now upon us. For each, there was a need, a reality to be faced. In doing so, came […]

Processing Reality

Processing Reality Years ago, the advertising world coined the phrase and began leveraging: “the perception being the reality.” The context, while working on my masters program in the early 70s with journalism studies, was in the importance given to verifying facts, as well as in conducting scrupulous research toward the goal of accurate and truthful […]

Thinking Like Jews – Revisited

THINKING LIKE JEWS – REVISITED Note: The toxic nature of the spiritual atmosphere lately has been such that many have had serious assaults on their minds. My response is to re-present a message from almost five years ago that targets a higher way of thinking: thinking like Jews. It’s a time we need to give […]

Interdicting History

Interdicting History The Bible records stories of strategic assignments from on High: men and women of God, who in their alignment with the Spirit of God, have served in interdicting history. They included Noah, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, the apostles and many more. All disrupted and changed the trajectory of history; each serving…...

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The Fine Line Revisited

THE FINE LINE — REVISITED Note: Originally penned for SIGN in 2005, then published as a key chapter in 2010 in my devotional titled “Something More,” this theme of “The Fine Line” once again is at the forefront of  the spiritual dimensions significant for this season. It bears on the subtleties tied to our grasp […]

The Cost

THE COST Isaiah aptly described both the cost and the challenge for God’s Messiah. He did so in describing the awesome task of the taking up of infirmities and the carrying of sorrows. Yet, in light of such an incredible mandate, Isaiah went on to state that among His observers would be those who considered…...

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Glitter, Blind-Spots and Maturity

Glitter, Blind-Spots and Maturity   Having brought forth the oracles of God and then God’s Messiah, Paul the apostle observed that there would be a time to expect even more from God’s chosen people. This coming time would be when the Jewish recognition of the Messiah would begin triggering life from the dead. Few of…...

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Being Relevant

Being Relevant There’s no question about the impact the Jewish people have had on both their host cultures and the course of history. Simultaneously, their weak spot, as a people over the centuries, has been their desire to be like everyone else. Both of these positions as God’s chosen stand on opposite ends of the […]

Favor that Subdues Evil

Favor that Subdues Evil The will of God for Joseph and Daniel was within the courts of occult cultures. For each, they walked out destinies, orchestrated by God, actively engaged with the rulers of these occult realms. For both, the prime rulers they served sought their input, as being the voice of God to them…....

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