The Recovery of All Things

The Recovery of All Things When everything changes. When the turbulence near and afar takes on proportions not seen in a lifetime. When the voices that define and determine the realities begin calling black white and white black, it is time to look beyond into the foundations in which we understand the times and know […]

The Anointing

The Anointing The anointing is that dimension, that spiritual residue both gleaned and imparted from interactions with God. It becomes the defining difference in the relationships and circumstances of one’s life. While quite often wielded powerfully by eager, innocent yet uninitiated new believers, more often it is the subtle but underlying dimension that amasses from […]


Consecration In his role of pleading with the leaders of God’s people to give God their undivided devotion, Jeremiah very poignantly prophesied: “Stand at the crossroads and look; then ask for the ancient paths where the good way lies, then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” So it is that […]

Reaching for Rest

Reaching for Rest Reaching for rest, at first glance, seems to be an oxymoron. Of the most basic and first steps toward spiritual maturity is the admonition from James to be doers of the Word, avoiding the deceptions that come from passively having our ears tickled. Yet the depth required from the mix of abiding, while […]


Armor-Bearers After a particularly grueling and disconcerting week, that’s the word I received as I immersed myself in His presence. As a former seasoned combat military type, I have probably a better than most glimmer of the ancient concept of what it means to be an armor-bearer and its implications spiritually. However, message-wise, I had […]

Mysteries-Thinking Deep or Practical

Mysteries: Thinking Deep or Practical Since God has had a people, the stumbling block for the household of faith too often has been found at the gateway of the profound: the deep things of the Spirit. God reveals the depths to give His own an advantage, which in turn make us distinctive. Yet, the subtlety […]

Those I Call Friends

Those I Call Friends There are some who cross our lives, sometimes for only a brief time, who leave an indelible mark. It is what happens when our spirits touch. It engenders a depth of relationship beyond the soul. It is what accompanies the expectation that Jesus was extending when He told the disciples that […]

Is Afrika Cursed?

Is Afrika Cursed? When in Nairobi in 1999, a book by the title “Is Afrika Cursed?” was one of two recommended to me by a group of Christian business leaders hosting my visit. Their intent was to give me a glimpse of the entrenched spiritual realities taking root across sub-Saharan Afrika. Each of these books […]

Where Angels Fear

Where Angels Fear — Revisited Note: For the third time in the last month while in prayer about my next SIGN message, specific previous posts have strongly come to mind: the other two being “The Listening Heart” and “Beyond the Threshold” which can be found at Combined and individually, their messages offer sound wisdom […]

Beyond the Threshold

BEYOND THE THRESHOLD REVISITED I originally penned this message in early 2005. In the process of listening, in simply sitting in His presence, the Lord brought it to mind to review. It deals with a Body-level of maturity vital for this hour. It addresses the elements of Kingdom paradoxes that are both gateways and critical […]