The Recovery of All Things

The Recovery of All Things

When everything changes. When the turbulence near and afar takes on proportions not seen in a lifetime. When the voices that define and determine the realities begin calling black white and white black, it is time to look beyond into the foundations in which we understand the times and know what to do.

Let’s view at least a snapshot of the foundations.

In the beginning God’s highest creation, the one He made as a reflection of Himself, had an identity and a purpose. That identity was entwined in his Creator. The purpose was to take dominion, to subdue and tame the earth while walking with God. That task came with being clothed in His glory with the anointing and authority of living in His presence. That oneness and being a reflector of His Presence was lost at the fall. Then, as time progressed, there came the confrontation and challenge from the infiltration of wayward spiritual beings into God’s creation …. as the pathway of man’s identity and purpose faced a still greater hurdle as wickedness began to prevail in the earth.

So it has been that from ages past there have been times in which the reality of the dark side of the spiritual world has begun penetrating, amassing and overshadowing the parameters that make up the natural world.Indeed at the time of the fall, but then with the days of the Nephilim and the days of Noah, when wickedness began to run so rampant that God sent the flood.

Yet, there is nothing new under the sun. Today, the reemerging of these age-old challenges are just the awakening needed for the godly to face the realities.

It has been during such days, who you listen to and in whom you put your trust has proven critical. Even within the household of faith. At the time David was made king over all Israel, he very wisely turned to a small tribe of Israelites, Isaachar, gifted with a track record of being able to understand the times to know what to do. Their gift wisely tapped the depths of God and the spiritual, in order to interpret and discern the wisest steps needed in the natural.

For such a time as this, do we need this gifted understanding. We need to discern what is real and what is a lie. It is not unlike the days of Hitler when his chief weapon was control of the communication system and his avowed chief strategy in what was labeled the “big lie.’ In short, the strategy was to present something so preposterous, that people would tend to believe it.

It’s a culture-shaping thing. And culture is both the target and the solution.

We need the gifted understanding of Isaachar to ward off the division, especially within our own ranks that comes from being persuaded by untruths …. not to speak of keeping our eyes keenly focused on what is and Who is Truth.

During the mid-90s I began discerning and writing about such times and the rise of modern day Josephs and Daniels. Leaders with prophetic wisdom and influence who discerned the spiritual realities who would be voices in keeping God’s people together and keeping them safe. A time of unusual strategic alliances that would serve God’s higher purposes in the overall scheme of things. Voices and alliances that fostered God’s plans for the recovery of all things. I was not alone in recognizing these realities, but the discerning voices at the time were few.

Again, with the release from on High of an anointing and momentum tied to the recovery of all things.

The Atmosphere, Anointing and Authority
Parenthetically, within my lifetime, there have been communities that have so come together in the Lord that it has impacted the spiritual atmosphere to the degree that the growth of crops has become dramatically more fruitful. The key word is fruitful …. the very word God spoke in creating man: “be fruitful and multiply.” Along with creativity, the same purpose of multiplying was originally given to God’s highest creation.

This more recent example of enhanced fruitfulness with crops was realized due to the community being in complete unity. Unity in identity and purpose.

Yet this dynamic has been in dramatic evidence in other areas over the years within the Jewish community …. whose practice of community is on a far deeper and more biblical level than that generally found among most Christian communities. That Israel has become known as “the startup nation.” That the trickle-down from community has resulted in the amazing track record of leadership in influence, innovation, inventions and social, business and technology progress.

To illustrate, Jews have been awarded 27 percent of all Nobel prizes since 1950, following the destruction of a third of their population in the Holocaust. The Encyclopedia Britannica has a section on “Great Inventions.” Jews have accounted for the defibrillator, the pacemaker, instant photography, holography and the videotape.

Steven Pease’s research, “The Golden Age of Jewish Achievement”, notes that of Fortune’s 2003 list of the 25 most powerful people in business, 24 percent were Jewish. Jews pioneered the ready-to-wear garment industry. Over half the department stores in America were started or run by Jews. Specialty retailing is laced with names that have been created by Jews: Gap, Limited, Men’s Warehouse, Home Depot, Ritz Camera, Bed Bath & Beyond.

Jews are dominant in diamonds and the diamond trade. Starbucks in coffee, Haagen-Daz and Baskin Robbins in ice cream, Fairmont, Lowes, Hyatt, Helmsley and Wynn in hotels are all Jewish operations, along with the creating and shaping of every major Hollywood studio. In the major TV networks, only ABC was not started by a Jew. The legacy extends to cable, to publishing, finance and real estate.

The world’s most successful search engine (Google) and software (Microsoft) are Jewish creations. The second largest software company (Oracle) has a co-founder and head who is Jewish. So it has been with Dell, Intel, Yahoo, eBay and Qualcomm.

This dynamic is in large part a reflection of Jewish culture which embraces and adheres to community and the biblical parameters tied to their operation of community. It is a distinct reflection of the community unity dynamic impacting the spiritual atmosphere and releasing the dimensions of creativity and multiplication …. bearing on the anointing and authority lost at the garden.

Recovery, Israel and the Church
In taking a deeper look, from God’s perspective, of this dynamic of recovery it is revealing to note the recovery dynamics for Israel and for the Church that have coincided since the birth of the State of Israel. In the same time frame (1947-1948) that Israel once again became a nation, there were 240 healing ministries birthed in the US alone. Sovereignly, the Holy Spirit was restoring power to the Church.

Then this parallel happened again in 1967 when Jerusalem was restored to Israel, which at that time marked the beginning of not only the Charismatic revival with the cross denominational foundation of believers spontaneously meeting in prayer that saw dramatic results, but the birth of the Messianic Jewish movement …. a major factor in this process, not the least of which has been exposing the Church to the depths of its lost Jewish roots.

So it is as Israel engages in war with clamoring voices resounding against it, that another outpouring of Holy Spirit is anticipated …. that will birth a movement mobilizing, creating strategy and releasing leaders like Joseph and Daniel, along with birthing unusual strategy alliances …. and from God’s perspective doing so toward the goal of the recovery of all things.

The Recovery Dynamic
The recovery of all things entails embracing God’s priorities from God’s perspective. That is far more than the grasp of doctrinal parameters …. but rather discernment and adherence of the big picture that brings disparate groups together, not unlike the time Israel was faced with the costs of declaring themselves a nation.

The recovery of all things will incorporate conflict and disruptions …. wars and rumors of wars. Jesus described it well in Matthew 24. There will be an increase of lawlessness, persecution, betrayals, along with false prophets and imposters. As Jesus related: “Just as in the days of Noah.” That was a time with wickedness coming out of the closet which was pretty raw and rugged.

The recovery of all things means penetrating the darkness with God’s Light. Daniel foresaw it with the description “In the time of the end, many will be purified and refined, and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand” …. then “but the wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky and lead many to righteousness.” These are words from the man whose anointing and authority resulted in the most powerful man in the world being led to righteousness.

It is instructive to realize from the Book of Enoch, that the Light that Enoch bore was such that the dark forces bowed before him and came to him to intercede with God for mercy. Scripture only reveals that Enoch walked with God and then was no more because God had taken him. Yet, like Elijah, his walk and anointing was such that he foiled death.

The passage into this phase of the recovery of all things is underway. We can expect anointings and authority to match the challenges to God and His people, now manifesting around the earth.

Embracing the Challenges
Jesus gave us all that was required for the recovery and restoration. It is significant to remember that the early Church was a Jewish sect …. with the commitment and power that scripture tells us that non-believers were asking: “who are these, who are turning the world upside down.”

Unfortunately, this movement …. that’s a key word in this matter of recovery …. this movement lost its momentum and potency from what it had in its early days, as it morphed into an institution; as its Jewish roots and the associated community practices became lost or muddled …. along with its power. However, we are now speaking about a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit …. with a movement having as its spearhead: the recovery of all things.

It is important to keep in mind that this is a culture thing: a Kingdom culture thing. As already noted, culture is both the target and the solution. Understanding the conflict on this level is a requisite to the thinking required to respond strategically and with the combined anointing and authority that takes the offense and makes a difference.

While the role of the West has been and is important and will continue to be…. there will be mobilizations and alliances that can be expected from the persecuted segments of the believing world, as well as regions emerging from extended times of oppression. An increasingly greater manifestation of Isaiah 60.
“For darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples, but the Lord will arise upon you and His glory be seen upon you.” Isaiah 60:2

The unique parallels noted between what God has been doing in advancing Israel and unique moves of the Holy Spirit in the church will draw from and give greater activation to the dimensions restored to the church in 1948 and 1967 …. the supernatural power and cross denominational prayer …. along with initiatives of restoring the Jewish roots to the faith, embracing the full potency of true biblical community …. all of which will combine in setting in motion powerful strategic alliances that will serve as tipping points in this process.

This movement with the recovery of all things at its core will not be unlike the time that all the disparate groups in Israel came together as one and became a nation. That means the focus will increasingly be on the realities of the big picture and from the efforts of the Joseph-Daniels, to key emerging remnants, to the strategic alliances between cultural amassings …. into a movement that will penetrate, advance and increase to what Daniel foresaw with those who bring many to righteousness shining as the stars.

The passage into the recovery of all times is underway. For such a time as this have we been and are being prepared and called. With Israel the pivot point in God’s priorities along with the rise of these chosen, prepared leaders who will influence key gamechangers will be the amassing of communities of influence, many from what scripture refers to as the least of our brethren, with the preparation needed to counter the inroads made by darkness into the world’s infrastructures.


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