GLIMMERS From the Preface of “THE HEART OF A KING” Note from Morris: These are serious times. Understanding the change of these seasons, to know what to do has entered a realm requiring constant vigilance, with very little operating with the same premises as they did even a year ago. In serious times, priorities shift. As […]

The Gift of the Jews

The Gift of the Jews The time following Moses getting God’s instructions on Sinai was turbulent. No question, an atmosphere resulting from adjusting to the huge change from their former bondages. God’s intentions for these people was far greater than what these former slaves had either the mind-set or were remotely prepared for. Moses’ leadership…...

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The Honor of Daniel

The Honor of Daniel One of the subtle characteristics evidenced in Daniel’s relationships was the consistency with which he bestowed  honor. Above all, he always honored the Lord and His ways. Yet while giving precedence to honoring the Lord, he extended genuine honor to the King, without groveling, in whose court he served. Almost as…...

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Join in this Prayer

All over the world, people have been gathering, praying. Our smart TV is purposely not hooked up to cable. So I don’t play the game of hanging onto the “latest development” spin of the news outlets. Nevertheless, before heading to bed Wednesday night, I found the impact of the headlines upsetting.  I arose after a […]