New Wineskins

New Wineskins The Word of God points to the combination of spiritual maturity with community unity as foundations for God’s people progressively achieving world-shaking results. Yet, one of the largest, most subtle blind spots hindering current-day Christian maturity is the premise that Jesus spent three plus years with His inner-circle imparting information. The misconception being […]

Spiritual Entanglement Strategies

Spiritual Entanglement Strategies Please note that this is Part II of a message on Spiritual Entanglements. Be sure to pray the prayer that concludes this message. Laced with hidden, layered deceptions and deceit, spiritual entanglements demand spiritual strategies. More of the same harder is no longer enough. There was a time when determination, genuine talent, […]

Spiritual Entanglements

Spiritual Entanglements One of the enemy’s most crafty and deadly strategies is that of entanglements. Spiritual entanglements are subtle, deceptive, marked by infiltration and pretense, while calculated to release destruction. Be sure to pray the prayer that concludes this message. Entanglements are designed to confuse, distract and divert those they impact. They keep the targets […]