Spiritual Gifts

Servers will take on tasks wholehearted and stick to it until it is done, even if it means personal sacrifice. They tend be aware of others’ preferences and remember details well. They prefer MrsMSThong3239projects where they can see immediate results. Reassurance and recognition are important motivators for servers. They are doers, self-starters, dependable and can work alone very well. Martha in the Gospels was a server.

Prophetic gifted believers operate with a balance between hearing from God and a sense of righteousness. They embrace biblical truths and proactively seek to discern what the Holy Spirit is saying. When they KNOW they have heard from God, they will act; and need to discern between first stages of hearing and the “full counsel” needed to act upon. When this gift is mature, there will be a confidence that knows when to speak the Word of the Lord versus when to pray. Words given by prophetic people carry authority and result.

Givers are ones who sense God’s heart where needs are concerned. Combined with their other gifts, Givers break the mold of the status quo. They tend toward being creative or leaders and sometimes both; which ties into their response to fixing situations that are due to the lack of resource. Givers can be very effective entrepreneurs. In many instances, they will take great joy in giving without the need for credit. Yet in others, simple appreciation is important to them.

Teachers enjoy connecting the dots and studying God’s Word. They encourage others to embrace biblical truths. Teachers tend to use Biblical examples more than personal examples when punctuating truth. Teachers are intellectually inclined and sticklers for detail. They tend to relate to others in light of how closely their lives adhere to God’s Word.

Exhorters exercise a gift that is “life-related.” They draw upon life experiences in order to encourage and enhance a God-centered purposefulness and fruitfulness in others. They typically are loving and well-liked, exhibiting positive attitudes toward nurturing maturity and growth in others. They are able to see the “steps” others need to reach their goals or to extract themselves from trials.

Mercy -gifted people are ones who are motivated to help others when they recognize a particular need. They are strong in extending encouragement to those undergoing distress. They extend JWrkshp1797bhope to the wavering and hopeless; and expect the seeds they plant will bear fruit. They tend to be sensitive to protecting others against words and actions that may hurt others. They often operate with a strong discernment of what is happening behind the superficial.

Leaders have a natural ability to lead and direct others. They are people of action who love to “make things happen.” They facilitate agendas and tasks for others. They don’t hesitate in drawing and acting on conclusions. They tend to be big-picture people, who are able to view things from a long-term perspective. They typically are planners and organizers. Once goals are established they enjoy the process of implementing the steps toward goals.

The Entrepreneurial gift is not one of the specific Romans 12 motivational gifts. However, God’s nature is to create, innovate, build and multiply. When those dimensions of God’s DNA operate within a person, they manifest as an entrepreneurial gift. When the entrepreneurial is particularly strong, it bleeds into and complements ones other strengths, that being their specific motivational gifts.



The spiritual gifts questionnaire is a part of the Global Equipper workshops and requires password entry.

Read through each question and on a scale of 1 through 5 (with 5 being Usually, 3 Sometimes and 1 Seldom), mark the answer which is most appropriate for you. Don’t think too deeply into the statements. Simply move smoothly through all the questions. Be as realistic as you can, answering not as you would like to be, but as you are.

There are eleven boxes of questions. Most people take about 12 minutes to answer all the questions. Login and begin here.

After completing the questionnaire, your scores will be displayed in the Thank You section that follows. Your highest score will be your primary gift. The second highest score is your secondary gift. If your third highest score is 40 or above it will be what we label as a threshold secondary gift. Likewise, if two of the gift scores are the same or within one number of each other; they should be considered as a combined gift. For example, if you had a 48 for Exhorter and a 47 for Mercy they would be a combined Exhorter-Mercy gift.