The Culture

THE CULTURE Before we start digging into the dynamics of entrepreneurship, I want to cover some background about Jewish culture. This background will provide keen insights into the uniqueness of entrepreneurship from a Jewish perspective. In a world where business is too often equated with large corporate enterprises, it is important to remember that usually […]

The Gifts

THE GIFTS God gives gifts to men. Ancient Jewish writings elaborate that a person’s gift makes room for them and brings them before great people. When vital combinations of these gifts are nurtured within a trust community, it provides ripples of opportunity and a dynamic that strengthens the community. Business is about providing a product […]

The Model

THE MODEL In early 1999, my friend Dr. Bob Winer sent me to Ethiopia. My mission was to evaluate potential business opportunity for members of a group of very poor Black Ethiopian Jewish believers. Bob had long had a burden for the Falash Mura, an Ethiopian community of Jewish heritage. They were not accepted by […]

The Legacy

THE LEGACY We began this series of Jewish business secrets by commenting on the response of a religious leader outside the faith to what he saw in the lives of the Christians he knew. Ghandi loved the teachings of Jesus, but rejected the faith because of his observation that the lives of the followers of […]

Community Builders

COMMUNITY BUILDERS Jewish wisdom states that there is nothing new under the sun. This insight suggests that clues and answers are available to be found in history. In a world wrought by turmoil and uncertainty, history has shown the Jewish people to be survivors. Civilizations have come and gone. The Jews have endured. The Jewish […]


FOUNDATIONS Ghandi once commented that the teachings of Jesus are beautiful. His caveat was that if only he could find one real Christian. Ghandi’s claim was that he liked Christ, but that the Jesus followers he had met were unlike Him. His observation is a reflection of what the world sees in the faith that […]