[SIGN] History and Spiritual Legacy

Summary: One of the hallmarks of Jewish culture has been the preservation of their history. The Jewish people have had one of the first written histories when oral histories were the only mode of remembering. History matters. It connects a people to their legacy and destiny. It has been the Jewish people’s firm grasp of the legacy of being a prophetic people of God that has served toward shaping a destiny that has resulted in them being considered, if not the most, then at least one of the most accomplished cultures on the face of the earth. In just this last generation, significant events have marked the birth pangs of a prophetic convergence of the destinies of Jews and Christians. In 1948, against all odds in the natural, Israel won their war for independence and became a nation. During that same year, in a most unusual manifestation of the Spirit of God, more than 250 healing ministries were birthed in the US alone. Just as it was in the days of Jesus. So it began. God was restoring the supernatural that had so marked the distinctiveness of the early Church. Then in 1967 there came another amazing shift that happened in Israel. For the first time in centuries, Jews regained control of Jerusalem, the city of David. Again, it was a God-thing, happening against all odds in the natural. During that same year, there were two unusually significant things that began happening in the Church. The first was the beginning of the Charismatic movement, the restoration of prayer with manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit among everyday people …. just as it was in the early Church. The other aspect was the beginning of the Messianic Jewish movement. During the Charismatic movement, some estimate that close to 50 percent of those who came to the Lord were Jews. A remnant immigrated to Israel. At its onset, in the US at that time, there were only about seven Messianic places of worship. Today, there are over a thousand Messianic congregations in the US, with Messianic congregations emerging in other continents across the earth, together with a third generation of Messianic Jews now in Israel. In all this the Lord has been restoring both proactive prayer among everyday believers and the Jewish roots to the faith …. each bringing a vibrancy, power and relevance to believers walking in a deeper intimacy with God. Now, before us lies another significant spiritual shift. One with increases in the reverberations of this Judeo-Christian convergence. To read the entire “History and Spiritual Legacy” post, please sign up for the Jewish Business Secrets blog at this link: https://strategic-initiatives.org/membership-blogs/

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