Entanglement Solutions


This is Part II of this timely message on Spiritual Entanglements. Be sure to pray the prayer that concludes this message.

Laced with hidden, layered deceptions and deceit, spiritual entanglements demand spiritual solutions. More of the same harder is no longer enough. There was a time when determination, genuine talent, coupled with the zeal of a “wing and a prayer” would yield results that overcame such devilish obstacles. The bar has been raised.

The model triggering entrance for the move of God seen in the early 1970s is no longer enough. The standard now required to accomplish the same purposes is not a new one. It’s the one Jesus spoke about again and again during His earthly ministry, but one unfortunately today that too often is replaced with great zeal and human effort. It is the Kingdom model.

The Kingdom model is a paradox to the natural order of things. The Kingdom model will bring the needed restoration of power. Jesus said:  “The Son can do nothing by Himself. He can do only what He sees the Father doing, for whatever the Father does, the Son does also.” “Yet to your amazement, I will show you greater things than these. I am the vine and you are the branches. Whoever abides in Me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father.”  John 5:19,20; John 15:5,7

Holding to the standard of the Kingdom model in these perilous days begins by embracing the cloak of humility. It recognizes that to accomplish spiritual results, human effort falls short. Spiritual pride and over-confident presumption are snares that distort and undermine the best of intentions. Rather than the after-thought of the wing and a prayer, the core modus operandi must follow a path of entering His presence to maintain steps that flow in His Spirit.

The response to spiritual entanglement strategies infiltrating Kingdom circles require nothing less. These are high-level, deadly strategies targeting leaders and initiatives within the Body, that with great subtlety, reshape valid priorities into paths of destruction.  Implanted with threads of deceit, they seductively have the appearance of innocence, as they are activated with links that spread their vile intent to other situations and unsuspecting victims. 

When entanglements are identified, caution needs to be heeded in not reacting to cursory evaluations, especially those of pat answers and superficial renderings. Entanglement strategies DEMAND spiritual solutions. Being right is not enough. Without a spiritual solution, efforts to disengage from the entanglement snares, like an insect’s struggle to escape from a spider’s web, will only compound the problem and make it worse.

Responding to Multi-Layered Entanglements.  So, when spiritual entanglements come, great discernment, wisdom and Spirit-led self-control are needed. Not unlike the computer Love Virus in year 2000, over-reactions to these entanglements can trigger unexpected damage. These are multi-layered strategies that activate dormant viruses after the “mainstream” virus has been identified and eliminated.

When entanglements are identified, it is a time to pause and press into the Lord. It is a time to ask for His Light, to not only shine on the situation, but to penetrate into the “layers of the enemy’s schemes.” Identifying the surface level of a particular entanglement may only be a preliminary step or even a trap.

One of the most important responses to the confusion and illusiveness of entanglements is outlined in the story of Job. Scripture indicates that the Lord considered Job as a righteous man. Yet, in a series of sudden mishaps, Job lost his wealth, his health and his family. As Job was experiencing an all-time low in his life and was grasping for meaning to it all, a group of friends paid him a visit. His friends were of the ilk who sought to identify the flaws in Job, in order to explain his circumstance.

The glib pontifications of Job’s friends, who Scripture says didn’t have a clue, took a horrible situation and made it worse. They were blind to what God was doing. Because Job was a righteous man, the Lord was bringing Job into a new season and new level of him knowing Him. The judgment they had condemned Job with had come upon them. The Lord then put their future into Job’s hands: to pray for his friends, and when he did, it became the key to the multiplied restoration of all Job had lost. Do not underestimate the proverb that reveals that: “The one who rules his own spirit is mightier than he who takes a city.”

Untenable situations designed by Satan for our destruction are being compounded and extended by pontificators whose spiritual maturity is likened to the reckless judgment of Job’s friends. Many among the righteous have become bound by entanglements perpetuated by finger-pointers. The gateway for release is first to maintain a focus on God and second by praying FOR those who have condemned and spoken matters of which they don’t understand;  an exercise an unregenerate spirit is not particularly inclined to do.

The Kingdom is based on what seem as paradoxes. We live by dying. We advance by yielding. We bless those who curse us and pray for our enemies. The pathway into holiness is discerning God’s voice in applying these seeming contradictions and sometimes taking the course that appears as walking into the fire.

Holiness is not a Christian self-improvement program, but the interactive connection we have with the Lord that enables entrance into the secret places of His presence and rest. It was through this gateway, that Job transcended his reversals and moved into an entirely new dimension in His knowledge of God and the role God had for the latter days of his life.

Waiting on God’s Revelation and Timing.  In discerning the voice of the Lord, we need to be willing to wait before the Lord for His “full revelation,” which may include multiple layers as well, and then His release, and then — His strategies before moving against the enemy’s schemes. The temptation is to move too quickly after receiving only a “preliminary layer” to the revelation required. This is the temptation to move prematurely before getting the Lord’s full strategy for the situation, or simply to be blind to his timing and release to move.

Waiting on the precision of God’s timing to move will bring awesome results. We have entered a time in which the execution of God’s strategies — especially the dismantling of deep-seated enemy emplacements — will have a suddenness to it. It will be a suddenness, precision and power that are preceded by the Terror of the Lord. It will be a suddenness and precision and power that the enemy cannot gainsay nor resist.

However, that “suddenness” will always follow a high-level type of preparation and waiting on the Lord. Presumption which typically is accompanied by a near-magic forcing of solutions can never take the place of the supernatural power and authority that operates when God is fully embraced and the solution comes as the result of His clear guidance.

Maintaining the Sphere of the Calling.  The Lord has prepared and continues to prepare segments of the Body in different spheres, as those who bypass the enemy’s entrapments and entanglements to begin taking dominion. However, stepping outside that sphere can be unnecessarily costly. The key is to understand and operate within the sphere and authority of the calling, as well as the strategies needed to avoid the enemy’s snares. Those who avoid presumption and maintain the position of their sphere can count on the power and presence of the Lord being with them, as they advance past enemy-held gates to take dominion, just as the Angel of the Lord preceded Joshua into the Promised Land.

Discerning Strategic Alliances versus Unholy Alliances.  Entanglements have been designed to undermine genuine strategic alliances. Especially targeted are alliances tied to the restoration of Israel and His mobilization of the oppressed and persecuted which will trigger a mighty spiritual awakening across the earth. Such movements will be undergirded by the activation of wealth transfer strategies.

To counter these powerful, strategic Kingdom initiatives, the enemy will defensively attempt to implant entanglements. Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in Nehemiah’s day illustrates this. As Nehemiah mobilized God’s people and the work began, Scripture tells us that Sanballat and his cohorts were extremely angry and began plotting with compromise, deceit and treachery.

So it was and now is that deceit and treachery not only will be in evidence in the enemy’s schemes against the Lord’s agendas, but will be a pattern manifested from within, in the counterfeits to the God-ordained alliances of our day. These counterfeit alliances will be found embedded within ministry circles driven by infiltrators and the misguided. These are alliances that initially appear good on the surface, but will be discerned by the devastating results of their fruits.

The alliance between Jehoshaphat and Ahab is just such an example. The initial result of this alliance reflected the appearance of benefit to both kingdoms. Years of conflict between Judah and Israel had come to an end and both kingdoms were strengthened. However, the alliance involved a marriage between Jehoshaphat’s son Jehoram and Ahab’s daughter Athaliah.  Athaliah’s influence in Judah proved to be horrific. Entanglements are the enemy’s strategies to create smokescreens that mask and diffuse God-ordained purposes, with the enemy’s long range plans implanted for the unexpected undermining of God’s purposes.

There will be a fine-line in discerning between unholy and holy alliances. Yet, modern-day Pharaohs and King Cyruses will emerge in critical, redemptive alliances to harness resources, provide safe places and open gateways of opportunity for His people. The results of a recent study provide a glimpse into identifying where these vital power-brokers and safe places will be found. In viewing the top 100 economies of the world, 53 were found to be corporations.

Yet, far too many well intentioned believers tend to misinterpret alliances with modern-day Cyruses and Pharaohs as being the result of being unequally yoked with non-believers. Joseph’s role with Pharaoh was certainly completely unorthodox according to the religious tradition of his day. Yet, they will be key in penetrating worldly settings. Discerning their intent is gleaned from the response of the Cyruses and Pharaoh to the Lord and to righteous power.

Unveiling Kingdom Strategies and the Power of God. In the days before us, standalone responses will fall short. Alliances, coalitions and cooperatives will emerge among those with clearly defined spheres. Collaborations between ministries, between businesses and ministries, as well as between governmental entities and business-ministries will mark the advance of the Kingdom. While such efforts will not go unopposed, their result will be confrontations that unseat and defrock those opposing Kingdom purposes.
“Then Saul, filled with the Holy Spirit, looked intently at the sorcerer and said: ‘You who are full of all deceit and all fraud, you son of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, will you not cease perverting the straight ways of the Lord? And now, indeed, the hand of the Lord is upon you, and you shall be blind, not seeing for a time.’”  Acts 13:6

On Paul’s first missionary journey in Acts 13, Paul and Barnabas were called to minister to a high-level official open to the truth. However, a man in an equally high position with this proconsul opposed their efforts. He was described as both a false prophet and a sorcerer. Yet his reception by the naive proconsul was as a powerful religious man. Not unlike the enemy’s gatekeepers today, the sorcerer Elymas’ devious work was embedded in this seat of power.

Paul’s response to Elymas’ attempt to impede the work of the Lord was to unmask him for what he was and was doing: as a son of the devil, perverting the straight ways of the Lord through fraud and deceit. Paul then immobilized him through the demonstration of the power of God. It was a confrontation employing the power of God not unlike the encounter Elijah had with the prophets of Baal and Asherah.

We have entered a time when the words of the prophet will bear significantly on those called to bridge cultures with the unique alliances and power such as was demonstrated in the days of Joseph and Daniel. We have entered a season when every vision will be fulfilled. For as it has been written, “For I the Lord will speak what I will and it will be fulfilled without delay. For those who have said ‘The visions he sees are for many years from now:’ Say to them, this is what the Lord says: ‘The words that I speak will be delayed no longer. Whatever I say will be fulfilled.'”

For those called to penetrate lairs of darkness to establish, build and restore, the Lord is sending “His terror before them, and throwing into confusion all those they encounter, and making all their foes to turn from them in flight.” (Exodus 23:27) These alliances have required significant discernment and preparation. For those who have paid the cost, they will yield supernatural opportunity, as the Lord shows Himself strong, soaring on the wings of the wind and paving the way for restoration the enemy cannot gainsay or resist. Even now, it is as it was when the wind of His Spirit was heard in the treetops in 2 Samuel 15. “As soon as you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, move quickly, because that will mean the LORD has gone out in front of you to strike the enemy.”

The Prayer: Releasing God’s Power
Let’s pray. God Almighty, in the mighty Name of Jesus, Your Word says that although the wicked may draw their swords and bend their bows to bring down and slay those whose ways are upright, that their bows will be broken and their swords will pierce their own hearts. Lord, Your power and Your strategies are awesome. As we move forward, we praise You Lord, that You will foil the signs of false prophets and make fools of diviners. You will confirm the word of your servants and perform the counsel of your messengers. Lord God, give each of us called as mighty warriors the grace to speak truth in our own hearts as we proceed under Your direction. May a great cleansing go forth from Your throne-room to remove infiltrators and the misguided. Give us clarity of vision and strategic insight at each juncture. Enable us to see through and stay above the smokescreens and diversions — and to operate with Your wisdom as we keep our eyes on You to discern the revelation, then the illumination and then direction, release and strategies within our appointed spheres.

Precious Lord, grant us a level playing field as the anointing breaks the yokes. Expose the surreptitious, behind-the-scenes manipulations designed not only to entice and divert us, but to undermine our genuine callings. Let strongholds and networks of strongholds be exposed and torn down. Father God, may there be an uncovering of hidden agendas. Grant us unusual spiritual vision into the situations we are facing. Lord, may You uncover what needs to be uncovered and may unadulterated truth overshadow the lies and presumptions sent to undermine Your agendas. Lord as Your Light and Truth is brought to bear in these entanglements, may the wicked see it and be vexed, turning from their wicked schemes and slinking away with their hopes being thwarted.

Father, we thank You for equipping the mighty warriors prepared as modern-day Josephs and Daniels with every good thing to do Your will, working in them that which is pleasing in Your sight. Lord, grant them the eye of the eagle. Provide them with a discernment and spiritual alertness that transcends their human abilities. Bring restoration, we pray, to Israel — both the people and the land. Mobilize the oppressed, the persecuted and afflicted as a mighty army on the road back to Jerusalem. Awaken, give revelation to and bring back the lost tribes to the Land.

Lord, thank You for releasing unto these mighty warriors and hidden game-changers a deep awareness of the mantle of authority you’ve placed upon them — and with that awareness, may there be a wisdom and boldness along with a knowing of what to do and when.

Father, we know that those who are moving past enemy-held gates, who are a part of this supernatural restoration You have underway, are reclaiming that which is rightfully Yours. May there be restoration and fullness as You touch and set free the multitudes bound by the enemy’s smokescreens and schemes. Lord, grant these mighty warriors and hidden ones the Power and the strategies to break down the gates of iron, to cause the walls of the enemy’s fortresses to come down, and to plunder his camps.

And Lord, we lay an axe to the root of the entanglements the enemy has used to entrap and enshroud key segments of Your Body. Lord, let Your light shine to unravel and disentangle the short-sighted vision that has resulted. Reveal the roots to these entanglements and may unholy alliances be broken. Lord, thank You for preceding us with Your presence, preceding us with the Terror of the Lord. May the enemy be thrown into confusion.

Lord, we thank You for closing the mouths of lions; those pointing the finger in scorn and speaking that which they do not understand; as well as those speaking and fostering intrigue, deceit and lies. Father, we thank You for ridding Yourself of this constant grumbling and scheming against us. Father, silence the misguided, loose tongues, we pray. And Father, we thank You for unraveling the confusion and distractions from powerless religious pursuits. Expose the trigger points, Lord. Rout out the infiltrators, imposters, compromisers and the deceived. Bring cleansing to Your Body and sensitize, strengthen and give wisdom to the gatekeepers.

Father, the battle is Yours and we will be strong and courageous. Thank You O God, for what You are releasing in terms of our equipping and Your initiatives. Thank You Lord, that Your purposes will be accomplished, fully and without delay. Adonai, You are awesome and we love You!! Thank You Lord, that the victory is Yours and You are with us with each step.


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