Enduring Elements of Jewish Business Secrets #2

Enduring foundations of Jewish business secrets form the basis of determining one’s identity, how a person’s gifts are developed and applied to business, all of which combine to pave the way to determine the purpose or destiny that an individual is on the earth to serve. These Jewish foundations nurture “trust communities” that enhance the entrepreneurial dynamic for its members. It has become a cultural distinctive whereby the diversity of the gifts of its members are nurtured to the benefit of the entire community. So let’s take a closer look at some pertinent enduring foundational elements that have defined the Jews as a people of business and the long-term success they consistently have had in business settings over the centuries.

Foundations of Jewish Business Secrets #1

In a troubled world masked by illusions, by spin-artists who dominate the media and Internet, our paths in life represent a journey in search of what is real, what endures, what we should be giving our focus to. It involves perspective. It is perspective that determines your future and your destiny. In this video, you’re going to learn that the Jewish perspective is different. It begins with the foundations not only to Jewish culture, but to elements of Jewish business secrets.