Daniel’s Anointing for Timing


The priorities and standards in the life of Daniel offer great insight for this season. One of the most subtle aspects of his brilliant anointing is that of timing. Its significance is critical in the quest to “get it right” when so much is on the line during times of major change and challenge. Men and women of God who truly hear from God, yet misfire on the timing during such critical seasons, risk digressing from  being genuine voices to simply adding to the clamor of the myopic and out-of-touch.

Daniel’s connection with the unseen world enabled him to operate outside the realm of time. His glimpses into the future were the direct result of this ability, punctuated by his engagements with the angelic. The words he brought to the table with the worldly kings he served, were words based on his wise response to their circumstances, as he focused their thinking toward them acknowledging the sovereignty of God with the goal of redirecting their decisions toward God’s long-term purposes for His chosen.

Daniel’s words to these kings very much had the frame of reference of it being God who had put them into their positions …for His purposes. It also was God who would take them out if they deviated from those purposes. Pretty bold words spoken to ones who held life and death authority over their subjects.

Despite there being nothing mealy-mouthed about Daniel, interestingly, he had little to say to the remnant of his people, who were there in captivity because of their disobedience and blended faith. That is until, when the timeline prophesied by Jeremiah was complete, that Daniel used his prophetic insight and authority to stand in the gap for these wayward people of God, to bring them into a time of reset and new opportunity.

In each of these events, captured by Scripture of Daniel’s life, were extremely significant factors of timing. Seasons, timelines and set times established by the Lord.

Timelines and Set Times
Back in the mid-90s with the start of SIGN, I began realizing that the truths which I was discerning for my posts were tied to not only God’s heart, but times associated with His unfolding priorities. I also began discerning a fine-line between my thoughts and particular divine truths tied to the prophetic issues and agendas on God’s calendar.

There were numerous occasions in which I had started scribing a post, gleaning insights and praying through certain aspects of targeted truths, only to be checked …and then redirected on filing away what I had been discerning and praying about. Sometimes that was because what I had prayed about had been the sole purpose of the process. Other times, it was because the timing for the release of what I had written had not yet manifested.

The point was that what we hear from God does not always necessitate its release.

This indeed proved to be the case with some of the angelic guidance that Daniel received: “Shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end, when many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase.” It likewise was the same with John the Revelator as he was instructed: “Seal up what the Seven Thunders have said and do not write it down.”

The anointing of Daniel carries with it a responsibility that goes beyond hearing outside the realm of time. It requires a wisdom to impart time-sensitive words of wisdom and words of knowledge to worldly game-changers. To impart those words at the right time. These are the worldly leaders with whom today’s modern-day Daniels have been sovereignly connected and given the favor to speak into their lives.

Timelines represent the calendar established by God’s word, from Shabbat days-of-rest, to those of the annual feasts, to times of Jubilee and reset, which have been established in Scripture. Set-times, on the other hand, represent unique times described in the book of Acts as established by the Father’s authority alone, that often we won’t know until that time is upon us. Times that coincide with what Daniel was told by the angel to seal up and hide in a book and that John was told to not even write down.

Conforming to a Higher Standard
Hearing from God carries with it the requirement to conform to a higher standard. The prophetic anointing has a range of unique functions. The anointing and mantle of Daniel served a very different purpose than that of Jeremiah and Isaiah. Isaiah was awed by the Presence he encountered early-on and immediately recognizing his shortcomings cried out: “Woe is me, for I am a man of unclean lips in the midst of a people of unclean lips.” Which set the stage for his message.

However, Jeremiah experienced backlash as a result of his message to the people. That backlash so negatively impacted Jeremiah that the Lord had to woo him to return to his calling: “If you return, you shall stand before Me. If you utter what is precious and not what is worthless, you shall be as my mouth. They may turn to you, but you will not turn to them.”

On a completely different level, Daniel’s unique function, audience and message was in the king’s court. For Daniel there was a fine line between adhering to the etiquette of the court, while conforming to God’s higher standard without compromise.

The Standard Defined by Covenant
The uniqueness of Jews, as a people, among all the peoples of the earth has at its core their covenant with God. Whether as a people of God or a people of business, their identity centers around knowing God and His ways and their influence. So, in the same way that Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel had a different function, audience and message, so it has been with the influence of God’s covenant people in different time-frames over the centuries. Likewise, in the same way that individuals mature, so there has been a maturing, over time, of the descendents of Abraham as a people. With that maturity, the standard has been raised within the context of knowing God and His ways with undivided hearts.

It’s more than a moral code, although it is that. The code is key to their protection. Nevertheless, knowing Him has from the beginning involved His guidance through the prophetic word. Together with this guidance from on high has been another distinctive. In a world governed by emotion and impulsive feelings, by fear and corrupt power, the standard established by God for His chosen ones grooms them to think differently. Both individually and as a culture.

With God and his guidance at the center, coupled with this different way of thinking, the Lord has promised that His people would be the head and not the tail. With their obedience they would operate on a level beyond all the other peoples of the earth. Theirs also has been a standard of leadership, of being a society of leaders whose influence and impact has a track record of them standing apart over the course of history.

So then this covenant, that fosters knowing God and His ways, adhering to His guidance and this different mode of thinking, combine to trigger the core of what Jesus referred to as “Spirit and Truth.” It is the foundation for living a life of righteous power in a corrupt world. It represents the dynamic of the mantle that separates Judeo-Christian thinking from all other religions, philosophies and cultures of the world.

The Dynamics of Operating within Times and Seasons
Over the years this Spirit and Truth, this ancient standard of knowing Him, has combined with the times and seasons, the timelines and set-times established by the Creator. Daniel consistently operated in Spirit and Truth with an understanding of the times. His role as an advisor in Nebuchadnezzar’s court opened the door for his influence not only with the king, but with authority first over the king’s court and eventually over the realm.

Within Jewish culture is the importance and connection of the generations across time, of the concept that our time on earth is akin to being in a womb, from which one graduates into the realm in which God resides, outside of time. Early in the amazing experiences he had with God, Moses, having seen the supernatural ways of God operating within the dimension in which he lived, within the realm of time, realized how little he knew of the Lord and His ways. He didn’t want to lose it. As deliverer of his people, he wanted it to go on and be consistent. At that juncture, he knew little more than the Lord was the God of their fathers, who had manifested to deliver his people from their plight of bondage.

From this realization, he made a very profound request to God. He said: “If Your presence will not go with us, do not take us up from here. For how shall it be known that we have found favor in Your sight. Is it not in You going with us that we are distinct from every other people on the face of the earth?”

God with us. The recognizable, conscious presence of God. Entwined with the lives and journeys of those who know Him. Isaiah punctuated this dynamic by prophesying the role of Messiah as Emmanuel: God with us. Jesus in turn told His followers that with His departure would come the fulfillment of this word of Isaiah and the availability and operation of the Holy Spirit to all true believers. Something far more than a philosophy, a moral code or religion.

All of which bears on understanding the times to know what to do. The ways to consistently walk together with God as a people, as a community of His chosen. These dynamics are the frameworks God has imparted to His chosen, for protection, for the power that is needed for the mantle, for the parameters required to maximize the steps in the journey in this womb of life to become distinctive from every other people on the face of the earth.

So it was with Daniel, as he and his companions became the Light of Spirit and Truth in the inner circles of the occult empire of his day. A voice that understood the times and seasons tied to the prophetic intentions of God for His chosen.

The Thinking and the Corridor
Jesus noted that wide is the path given within this earthly realm, but narrow is way of the Kingdom, the passageway of a life with God. Jesus’ message targeted our thinking. Kingdom thinking does not conform to worldly thinking. They are the ways of righteous power in a corrupt world. To the world, these ways are a paradox. We live by dying. We lead by serving. We gain through generosity. Perfect love casts out fear. We do good to those who persecute us. Wisdom comes from simplicity. We bless those who curse us. With God as the equalizer and we, as the reflector of His ways, as His Light. I’ve described this path as being a narrow corridor between life and death. Why?

The reason is because of our thinking. In a world amassed with deceit and corruption, driven by fear and emotions, it is easy to become deceived. It is even easier to embrace a blended thinking that yields to the impulses of feelings and deceit. Daniel lived in circumstances far more precarious than anything most of us have yet to encounter. Despite that, he knew the difference. He knew the difference because of embracing Spirit and Truth. From that context, he understood the times to the degree that he had the wisdom to know what to do. With that, he had the discipline of mind to process the challenges ….the triggers of opportunities ….and the discernment for when. In other words, for the timing.

Discipline, the Anointing for Timing and Opportunity
God’s framework of times and seasons ….and timing are the agents He has given for our protection in navigating our paths …and tap the power to overcome in a corrupt world. Few today within the Body, have had to face the spiritual environment that Daniel and his companions faced. Yet this is the season. It represents opportunity that that great cloud of witnesses described in the book of Hebrews, cheering us on, have waited for.

Discerning the dividing asunder between the challenges and the opportunity is going to take the discipline of Daniel, uniquely coupled with the anointing for timing that Daniel exhibited over the course of his journey in the court of the Chaldeans. Traversing this corridor, this narrow corridor between life and death, will not be defined by the superficial mind-games and impulsive responses to Western perceptions of reality, but rather the challenges experienced by cultures severely persecuted for their faith. It is a path requiring a maturity, emotionally and spiritually, to survive. It is a path outside the current comfort zones of the norm that the West struggles to maintain.

Daniel had the discipline and maturity to hold sacred his identity in God. Simultaneously, he understood the differences that defined the essentials of his faith, from which he never deviated, as the foundation for his protection, survival and mode of operation. He did more than give focus to these issues. He not only mastered them, but became a master in operating with the discipline and maturity required, with a grasp of employing the essentials that made him to be the head and not the tail, in an atmosphere in which the occult prevailed. In other words, he was a true fulfillment of that Light shining on a hill that could not be hidden.

Within this context and with these factors as his foundation, Daniel operated with a perceptiveness that was outside the realm of time. In doing so, Daniel penetrated the veil to consistently tap his earthly journey with resources from the realm where God resides.

It was this interaction that released the outcome of the challenges that Daniel turned into opportunities. Did not Jesus note that in the world, that we would have tribulation, but to rejoice because He had overcome the world. Likewise, He warned of the betrayal that would manifest from the relationships in this path, from the misguided and outright phonies, but that such engagements would be the platform for opportunity.

Blind Spots and Quantum Change
I recently ran across a most interesting article in which the author described a life-changing experience with the words: “quantum change.” Already a seasoned, competent and mature professional, this experience represented a complete shift in her perspective on life, with her thinking being catapulted beyond where it had been stuck.

Her experience involved an out-of-the-box two-week journey to Antarctica. An environment totally outside the world she lived in. Completely outside her comfort zones. She found her encounters during that trip to simultaneously to be terrifying and exhilarating. It stripped away the superficialities and blind spots. Her experiences took her from what might be tagged as the safe-places in which she operated, in which she indicated she didn’t realize the degree of fear and blind-spots that defined their borders ….to very little being the same upon her return. Quantum change.

My work in economic community development among persecuted believers has triggered quantum change in my thinking and my perception of the priorities of life. Most in the West, even among believers, tend to live in a womb of safe-places that we have established for ourselves. Despite Judeo-Christian foundations to our culture, unconsciously we are swayed by and tend to put our trust in the trappings of lifestyles and the politically-correct re-presentations and filters of reality around us. It merges into a clamor of emotive clutter that reshapes our priorities and watered-down precepts that comprise what we espouse as the foundations ….and boundaries of our faith. What the reporter who visited Antarctica realized to be superficialities.

When Daniel was selected to be a part of the king’s court, it represented quantum change, a complete reset. Then the series of select events over the course of his life, considered of significance to be captured in the book of Daniel, included additional quantum change encounters, both terrifying and exhilarating. Encounters in that corridor between life and death which strengthened his fear of God and stripped away the blind spots. There was nothing superficial in Daniel’s thinking, attitudes or grasp in knowing God.

Each of the recorded events of his life was as a rite of passage, including his angelic visitations, that redefined who he was and the sense of purpose and destiny that accompanied his unique role, as God’s ambassador, in the service of the Chaldean kings he served. Each involved traversing that narrow corridor between life and death, that accompanied the penetration of darkness and the ensuing shift of the spiritual atmosphere around him. Each drew from his scalpel-sharp and precise grasp of timing and the significance of the season. Each required the faith, maturity and resolve that refused to play games or allow the pampering of blind-spots and emotional reactions.

Daniel faced the circumstances of his life with courage. He consistently did so from a stance outside the realm of time. A stance triggering the expectations of that great cloud of witnesses, those from across the generations that he described as “sleeping in the dust of the earth.” The fear of the Lord and his unbending identity in God fueled his courage. It wasn’t a feeling. It was a decision. A choice. It was a choice to adhere to the ancient words from Job to laugh at destruction and famine and not be afraid.

On more than one occasion in his life, Daniel faced down death and spit in its eye. It was not surprising that he would advise those of us who followed him that those who know their God, would be strong and do exploits. Those who KNOW Him ….not know about Him. His relationships were unequivocally defined by his impervious mind-set …on matters of consequence. Daniel’s encounters on the corridor between life and death drew from or strengthened his unique sense of timing that operated outside the realm of time.

It’s a new season with new paradigms and new parameters. More of the same harder will fall short. As it was in the days of Daniel, so this season will be marked by timelines and set-times. By challenges and opportunities. By quantum change and a shift in priorities. Those called as modern-day Daniels need to reach even higher to be uniquely in touch with heaven and the issues bearing on understanding the times. Choosing to be tough-minded. As Paul admonished, to choose to embrace the mind of Messiah. The fear of God and identity in Him must be such that it completely overrides personal agendas or the weak-minded fear of man while having the boldness to impart God’s wisdom within the respectful protocols of those in authority being served, with an eye that processes it all, outside the realm of time. “Show me your ways, O Lord, that I might walk in Your truth. Unite my heart to fear Your Name.”


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