The Covenant of Peace

The Covenant of Peace Biblically, one of the benefits of God’s favor and blessing on His people, shalom, is typically translated as peace. However, few words in Scripture have been subject to more by way of being high-jacked and distorted from their original meaning. While commonly expressing the tranquility resulting from the freedom from disturbance […]

Thinking Like Jews – Revisited

THINKING LIKE JEWS – REVISITED Note: The toxic nature of the spiritual atmosphere lately has been such that many have had serious assaults on their minds. My response is to re-present a message from almost five years ago that targets a higher way of thinking: thinking like Jews. It’s a time we need to give […]

Being Relevant

Being Relevant There’s no question about the impact the Jewish people have had on both their host cultures and the course of history. Simultaneously, their weak spot, as a people over the centuries, has been their desire to be like everyone else. Both of these positions as God’s chosen stand on opposite ends of the […]

Join in this Prayer

All over the world, people have been gathering, praying. Our smart TV is purposely not hooked up to cable. So I don’t play the game of hanging onto the “latest development” spin of the news outlets. Nevertheless, before heading to bed Wednesday night, I found the impact of the headlines upsetting.  I arose after a […]

Misguided Tongues Revisited

MISGUIDED TONGUES REVISITED Dedicated to the Memory of Trisha Ruddick Stemple (June 14, 1966-Oct 24, 1996) Memorial Day is a time set aside to reflect. For our family, October 24, 1996 is another time of memorial, a date we will never forget. It is the day our 30 year old daughter Trisha Stemple was brutally […]

The Listening Heart Revisited

The Listening Heart Revisited Note: SIGN is being segmented into three distinct audiences. The two new monthly membership blogs are: 1. The Joseph-Daniel Calling 2. Jewish Business Secrets. The Joseph-Daniel Calling blog targets ones already in business ownership or positions of influence. Jewish Business Secrets is for those interested in the foundations tied to why […]

Games People Play

Games People Play One of the fruits of a world trying to make it without God is the games played. The superficialities. The masks. The embellishments, the little “white lies” to outright fabrications and deceit that undermine and short-circuit the foundations to enduring relationships. Whether international diplomacy, politics, business, dating, marriage or simply the broad […]

The Reset and Repentance

THE RESET AND REPENTANCE In a time of rapidly-evolving change, a need has arisen to be more discerning: a time to be alert to embrace the factors of significance tied to the new season. For those called by His Name, one of those key factors is repentance. Not to be confused with obsessing over trivial […]

The Restoration Shift

The Restoration Shift From the time of the garden fall, the world has been undergoing a process of restoration. As the condition of man digressed, God chose a people, with whom He made a covenant, who would know Him and His ways, whose lives would advance the momentum of this process. What was originally established […]

Evil Reports

EVIL REPORTS Grasshoppers. That was how the Hebrew spies saw themselves when encountering the reality of overwhelming spiritual opposition. Yet, it was a reality that had to be overcome in the face of far greater opportunity. Their report, their response to this reality resulted in them not only missing the opportunity, but triggering judgment on […]