Global Initiatives Foundation is a pioneering organization, paving new ground for God’s people who are blessed to be a blessing, serving as catalysts for change in a time of growing discontinuities. Global Initiatives Foundation was established by Morris and Carol Ruddick to serve, encourage and train community builders and those at the forefront of God’s marketplace agendas and faith-based initiatives programs, as well as serving as ambassadors of God’s light and truth where God’s light is dim. We invite you to explore our site to discover more about our impact around the globe.

Global Initiatives’ primary purpose targets entrepreneurial, leadership and economic development opportunities that serve community within environments challenged by disruptions, change and the crises of our day. 

Employing enduring strategies that enable opportunity and bring increase, Global Initiatives has developed a focus of agendas that are proving timely and pertinent to the issues faced during times of crisis and change. 

Global Initiatives’ Primary Objectives Include:

  • Planting God’s Economy and Mobilizing Community Builders
  • Applying Jewish Business Strategies and Supporting Israel
  • Igniting the Joseph-Daniel Marketplace Calling
  • Mentoring Marketplace Timothys
  • Serving as Ambassadors of Hope and Strategy to the Poor and Needy.

The application of these objectives is by means training, speaking engagements, counsel, workshops, seminars, publishing and mentoring of a range of leaders within the nations. These leaders serve as community builders, opportunity enablers and those who influence the course of their societies.