Something-More Season



Over the course of the roughly half-century that I have walked with the Lord as an adult, I have periodically encountered times when I found myself in over my head; when after pulling out all the stops, I had hit a wall in terms of being able to count on the mix of my natural and spiritual abilities and gifts. These would be times in which, unless the Lord intervened, that I was about to fail and royally so.

My walk with the Lord from the start, might be described as strongly embracing the supernatural. From my perspective, why would it not be so? Each of the writers throughout the Bible lived in a world defined by the supernatural, for those who followed the Lord, as well as those who followed other spiritual persuasions – each living within the dynamics of a spiritual realm marked by the supernatural.

Such is what marks the difference between the religious and the spiritual The religious are defined by a set of rules, typically a moral code driven by doctrinal precepts. The spiritual on the other hand might have a set of rules or moral code and as such doctrinal standards, but it is not the factor that either guides or defines them. It’s the grease that helps things operate smoothly. It is a dimension, a reality. The spiritual live in the realm of the supernatural. For Christians and Jews that means they are God-centered and march to the beat of the prophetic unfoldings derived from the prophets of old in Scripture, modern-day prophetic renderings and the mysteries continually unfolding, outlined in Scripture.

So it is in this season of finding myself against a wall; in over my head; and in need of something more than what my natural abilities, what I know or the current expression of my spiritual gifts allow me to operate in. In such situations, it is a mix between the distress of the uncertainty — and the level of humility required to admit to myself, that after almost 50 years of consistently seeking and walking with Him, that I am once again in that place of being able to do nothing – and realizing that without the Lord’s supernatural intervention, I have no recourse for “what’s next.”

In such situations, the first place of examination is my thinking. On the one hand, it begs the question of what I know impeding the solution blocking the answer. In the Kingdom, I know enough to realize that most everything is a paradox. You live by dying, wisdom is derived from simplicity, the most subtle pride and source of spiritual blockage is spiritual pride, we advance by yielding, we gain by generosity, we love in response to hate and the bitter roots of misplaced despisings. It is perfect love that obliterates fear. Having pulled out all the stops on each of these, we humble ourselves before the Father of Lights and His Son knowing there is more.

I remember as a young believer tackling Andrew Murray’s book and thoughts on humility. Although deeply committed and already grasping great biblical truths, the depth of Murray’s treatise on this subject overwhelmed me. I was unable to absorb it and laid it down after 3 to 4 chapters for another time.

The Dimension of Something More
That “other” time did come – and I found it rich and a message that released me into one of those “something more” realms. Years later, far more mature and accomplished in my gifts and in the Spirit, I read it again. WOW! It was an even greater dimension of something more – a dimension beyond me.

Yet, from God’s perspective that WOW was only me scratching the surface. There is no “arrival” in this process. That is the point. It is a process. It involves a relationship with the Holy Spirit, the Creator. AND as such it digs deep and challenges the thinking we tend to embrace for each season. The thinking required to get past the walls which our limited experience and perceptions block us out of.

In all of this, what I am hearing from the Lord is that this is a season of entering these “something more” dimensions, of getting past the walls only to find new ones, but with them the acceleration of the process that imparts again supernaturally another and then another dimension of “something more.” Not us graduating because of our doing well with our gifts or being faithful – that is expected. BUT when pulling out the stops and doing it for the most part right, finding that we still need something more, a great deal more.

Peter was way down that road of having walked intimately with the Lord when suddenly, he became a part of transcending that dimension of time and space when with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, he found himself with Elijah and Moses. Instead of listening and absorbing in the Spirit what was taking place, Peter did what many of us would have done. He started extrapolating what to do based on what he knew.

Jesus rebuked him pretty soundly, expressing that his thinking had not progressed to the state of thinking like God. So it is when we are in that state of needing something more, that we tend to spout the premises that are the impeding issues for us to enter what’s next. We instead need to listen, to discern and recognize why we are encountering the wall – and what will be required to fully gain that dimension of something more.

Power, Matter and Light
Einstein got it right. E=MC2. Power, matter and Light. Spirit controls matter. We are of the Light. When there is a need for the Light, we need to allow the Energy source that transcends time and matter and space to multiply Himself into our limited perception and grasp of the Light – that we might indeed progress in that process of becoming sons of the Light.

Einstein found the equation for what Jesus came to show us how to operate, how to enter the realm of God and the supernatural and with His light to change the substance of the matter around us. Like multiplying the loaves and fish.

Many of the heroes of faith tapped into a piece of this. In my mind, Daniel was at the forefront of embracing this dynamic, this Kingdom dynamic, but then so were joseph, Moses, Elijah and Elisha. Jesus modeled it with preferring time in the presence of His father at night rather than sleep. It set the stage for the supernatural He walked in during the time following His abiding and sitting with His Father.

So it was that Jesus imparted this dimension – of wielding the supernatural through what made this whole thing, the core of all, the Kingdom realm to function. The creativity that formed it all. The wisdom needed for the innovation needed to build, bring increase and multiply. The glue of this dimension of Light – of the perfect, righteous love and truth that decimates the darkness and elements of deceit.

While Peter on the Mount of Transfiguration was stuck in the religious machinations of the Mosaic, Jesus was in the process of showing he and his cohorts how to actuate the frequency of heaven that would turn the world upside down. Isaiah was exposed to the source of all this energy and it freaked him out until one of the angelic beings aligned things for him spiritually – releasing him into the most amazing destiny to follow.

Elisha recognized what his mentor Elijah operated in and asked to be granted the means to do it with double the power. Elijah told him he was going to have to see into the spiritual realm to do so – and he did, as Elijah left this earth without dying. For the rest of his life, the reality of that event became a part of what he shared. Even on his deathbed, the king of Israel quoted his observations with: “the chariots of Israel and its horsemen.”

The Frequency of Heaven
The frequency of heaven is the alignment Jesus was grooming his inner circle to operate in. what Paul penetrated in his 1000 days in the desert of Arabia and was never the same because of it. The supernatural. It is what distinguishes between the religious and the spiritual. It is the narrow corridor between life and death in which the Light defined by the Energy Who is God changes the substance of the matter around us.

Isaiah perceived the disparity between the awesome Light he originally encountered, noting that our covenant of death would be annulled and the agreement with Sheol would not stand – for those willing to pay the cost to follow the Light.

It speaks of that much misunderstood dimension of peace – a covenant of peace spoken of throughout the Old Covenant — that Jesus mentioned He was imparting to those whose thinking and lives would be actuators of the Kingdom. He said, “My peace I leave with you, s peace not as the world sees it. It is the peace of the Presence that transcends the natural dimension, and becomes the foundation for actuating the supernatural. It is the peace that shut the mouths of the lions when Daniel, close to 80, having survived a rash of life and death encounters in his life in the court of a culture of the occult, then spent a night with a band of the king of the jungle.

Hearing from Heaven
Like Joseph, Moses, David, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jesus and Paul, the source to the Energy, this Power is hearing from Heaven. It is being aligned to hear the frequency of heaven. And yes Peter did eventually get it right. Peter finally recognized that he needed something more, got beyond himself and entered this dimension of reality. It involves the alignment of thinking that enables us to enter this realm.

Jesus picked Peter out. He road him hard, would not accept anything in-between. And Peter entered and walked the rest of his life in that dimension of something more. It gives me hope. The spiritual. The supernatural. Becoming an actuator of that Kingdom power, the source energy which created the heavens and the earth and all that is within it.

The Response to the Light
The issue is the response to the Light, which is pure, which is Truth. Jesus summed up the dichotomy between those who would not come to the Light because their deeds were evil, but those who sought the truth coming to the Light that their deeds might be clearly seen.

The self-absorbed, self-justified and self righteous avoid the Light. As Peter later advised, putting aside all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy and all envy and all slander, like new-born babes long for the pure milk of the Truth. There is an alignment both with the godly and the ungodly, the distinguishing difference between the religious and the spiritual, from within the household of faith and outside it. A great number of the Old Covenant prophets addressed the religiously wayward from the brethren, while ones like Joseph and Daniel reached into the depths of the pagan cultures around them to unveil the Light to their leaders.

Such is the season. Scripture notes that judgment first comes to the household of faith. This was the sequence with Joseph’s brothers before Joseph was used so strategically with Pharaoh and the people of Egypt. Likewise, after long forbearance and many warnings Israel was sent to Babylon in judgment before Daniel triggered judgment against King Nebuchadnezzar and then with the dramatic hand-writing on the wall that pronounced the demise of his spiritually wayward son Belshazzar.

So it is for this season, that the ones who have reached for that something more in their spiritual journeys will be given the authority of heaven for wisdom, the miraculous and for judgment as Light penetrates and overcomes darkness and aligns itself in restoring the frequency and harmony of heaven to its intended state.

The Season
Daniel, who frequently saw realities outside the realm of time, perceived this season with great clarity. This season of something-more. It would be a time of great change. He saw that God would remove kings and raise up kings. It would be a time increasing in conflict between cultures and peoples. Yet in all this, God would give wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who understood these spiritual dimension. Many would have the encounters like Isaiah – and be purified for the supernatural tasks before them. Wickedness would increase, but not unlike the times of Joseph, Moses and Daniel, those wielding the Light will shine like the brightness of the sky and through their light would enter the dimension of something-more and pave the way for many to see that Light.


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