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Our resources include workshops, webinars, talks, blogs, videos and books. The books, articles, videos and membership blogs represent the foundation for engagements with greater depth available through talks, webinars and workshops. The response to recent travel restrictions has resulted in a variety of engagements increasingly being arranged through both live and recorded Zoom video calls. Contact us for terms and availability for custom-designed video calls and webinars.

Similarly, membership blogs include advanced topics on the spiritual and strategic dynamics comprising the Joseph-Daniel calling and trans-cultural Jewish business secrets that have endured the test of time.

Free articles are available under the tabs of “Something More” and “Understanding the Times. Intercession is the foundation of everything we have done to this date. The articles, books, God’s Economy Entrepreneurial Program and various workshops were all the outgrowth of the Strategic Intercession Global Network [SIGN].

Also a source of free articles, the Strategic Intercession Global Network [SIGN] was birthed in early 1996 and can be found at

SIGN has as its purpose: addressing strategic-level issues impacting the Body globally. Targeting mature intercessors and spiritual leaders, rather than analysis, what is sought is God’s heart …. with an understanding of the times.

From its start, SIGN has been offered without charge as a service to those advancing the Kingdom. SIGN is very Israel- and marketplace-focused. Why? Because we believe that, along with the persecuted church, they are God’s priorities for these times. SIGN also is prophetically contemporaneous, reaching for the standard of maturity Paul outlines in Ephesians 4 that combines the full knowledge of the Lord and unity within the Body.