When Evil Abounds

When Evil Abounds “According to their deeds, He will repay fury to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies. So shall they fear the Name of the Lord from the West and His glory from the rising of the sun; for He will come like a rushing stream driven by the Spirit of Adonai.” Is 59:18-19 […]

The Reach and Rhythm

The Reach and Rhythm Insightfully, the Psalmist captured a vital dimension of our response to the journey of life we face when he mixed his metaphors with the admonition to taste and see that the Lord is good. The conclusion of the counsel of this Psalm aptly fits the context and spiritual reality we need […]

Altering History’s Trajectory

Altering History’s Trajectory Years ago, during an early and very formative time in my walk with the Lord, one of the two pastors making the most impact in my spiritual trajectory made an unusual statement concerning His sermons. He noted that he regularly prayed that his message would always be a word from on-high; as […]

The Spiritual Maturity Thing

The Spiritual Maturity Thing It has been said that in today’s spiritual environment, if we don’t have the mindset of the believers written about in the Book of Acts, that our chances of survival are pretty slim. It suggests that the mindset required to grow spiritually with a faith that maturely grapples with the realities […]

Flirting with Death

Flirting with Death As He began concluding His mission as the Son of Man and Jewish Messiah, Jesus foretold a number of signs that would mark the end of the age. One of those key indicators, tied to His return, would be the spiritual atmosphere approaching as it was during the days of Noah. The […]

Remnant Glimmers

Remnant Glimmers Since God has had a people, His keenest focus has been on a unique group, who might be described as a remnant. These are those who have been forerunners, who in discerning and embracing God’s heart and priorities, have set the standard for others to follow. Indeed, scripture indicates that God’s eyes roam […]

Out of the Box

Out of the Box If there ever has been timely wisdom for the forerunners of this season … it is to get out of the box. This especially applies to those enshrouded in the accomplishments of having track records and in the traditions of the West, but with them ones in other parts of the […]

Soul Prosperity

Soul Prosperity Paul explained to the Corinthians the distinction of those whose spiritual responsibilities would meet the criteria of being that of a spiritual father. Over the years, I have had less than a handful of ones who have genuinely served that role and influence in my walk with the Lord. Yet of those who […]

Generational Passages of Leaders

Generational Passages of Leaders The psalmist very prophetically, seeing beyond the realm of time, observed: “This is the generation.” Several years ago, for the first time in my ministry relationship with a man I had worked with in the past, I sat down with him one-on-one in his offices. Yet, it was the relationship with […]

Preparing the Way

Preparing the Way Over the centuries those who have become followers of God have had a responsibility and a role in preparing; not just for their own callings and destinies; but in shaping the dynamics of the community around them. Then there have been those leaders whose mandates have tapped and triggered a much higher […]