Linked Generations

Linked Generations In understanding the times, generational batons are in the process of being passed within the global church today. The dynamics of those elements of the Body demonstrating the reality of God is unlike any previous era. The generation that launched the church of today began with an outpouring of the Spirit of the […]

Pioneers, Entrepreneurs and Tz’dakim

PIONEERS, ENTREPRENEURS AND TZ’DAKIM As a Jew, Jesus understood the mantle of God’s people. From boyhood, His spiritual awareness and mastery of Scripture touched the depths of the heart of God and role of the game-changers in the course of Jewish history. In our discussion of Jewish business secrets, God’s people have been distinctive. As […]

Where Secrets Collide

WHERE SECRETS COLLIDE Moses indicated that it is the secret things that belong to the Lord, but those that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever. What Moses was referring to taps the foundations, the gateways that bridge the seen world with the unseen world. In our discussion of Jewish business secrets […]

Thinking Like Jews

THINKING LIKE JEWS Our exploration of Jewish business secrets has observed that Jews think differently than most of their worldly counterparts. This different way that Jews have of thinking is reinforced from one generation to another, within Jewish culture. Creativity is at the core of the way Jews think. God indeed is the Creator. God’s […]

Opportunity in Change

OPPORTUNITY IN CHANGE Crisis is a time when change overwhelms and is out of control. When the pace of change is accelerating, it cannot be ignored. It is time to prepare. We’ve been taking a closer look at Jewish business secrets. We’ve learned that among the secrets tied to disproportionate Jewish achievement is a systematically […]

Mobilized Community

MOBILIZED COMMUNITY In our discussion of Jewish business secrets, community represents both the core and the catalyst of the secrets of Jewish culture. It is within community that vital actuators are found tied to why the Jewish people are disproportionate achievers. Community has been given as a gift. It is a safe place. Community builds […]

The Gift of Community

THE GIFT OF COMMUNITY In a world where the perception is the reality, with terrorism and corruption poised to challenge honorable opportunity and the innocent, there is a need for safe places. The issue is power and a culture designed to preserve the righteous. Since God has had a people, the struggle of the righteous […]

Disproportionate Success

DISPROPORTIONATE SUCCESS For the majority, success seems correlated to wealth. Yet, from the stance of those the world considers the people of business, wealth is simply the by-product. It is not only a different way of thinking, but a different strategy. We’ve looked closely at the way the Jewish people think. As we begin to […]

Creative Advantage

THE CREATIVE ADVANTAGE Throughout the business world, people are seeking the formula for the creative. Smart people are trying to discern the steps and advantages to success. Yet for centuries the greatest creative exploits consistently have been from the Jews. Jews are a culture that thinks differently. It all began with Abraham, who risked shaping […]

Spirit Planning

SPIRIT PLANNING Making God your Senior Partner is a lot more than lip-service. It entails proactive planning with the Holy Spirit. That means input and guidance from the Lord on decisions. That requires consciously hearing from God. One of the distinctive characteristics of the heroes of faith has been hearing from God. Yet, from the […]