Dispelling the Toxic

Dispelling the Toxic This is an era plagued with the toxic. Discerning truth has too often strayed into battlegrounds of rants and hostile opinions. Extremes of ideologies and passionately-driven viewpoints no longer separate generations, but mark boundaries within even the ranks of believers. The dividing asunder between good and evil is no longer based on […]

Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows “Strange bedfellows” is a term defined as unlikely companions or allies. Popular usage is said to have begun in the 1400s. Then in 1610 in his play “The Tempest,” Shakespeare raised the bar with the words: “Alas, the storm is come again! My best way is to creep under his gabardine [cloak/blanket]; there […]

The Listening Heart

The Listening Heart A listening heart is bedrock to a solid walk of faith. Likewise, sound leadership, the type that makes a difference for good, will have the same attribute at its foundation. A discerning listening heart is also the gateway into the true depths in one’s journey with the Lord. Yet, today’s world is […]

The Princely Leadership Mantle

THE PRINCELY LEADERSHIP MANTLE True leadership is not about being in charge or wielding power. Historically, the heroes of faith operated with a much higher leadership standard. True leadership pivots on serving. It is a regal mantle found in righteous hearts with the priorities flowing from God’s heart. The princely leadership mantle is recognized and […]

Discerning the Subtle

Discerning the Subtle In understanding the times, the bar has been raised in discerning the subtle means the enemy has been employing to undermine and derail spiritual leaders and agendas. In October of 1996, following the funeral of our 30 year daughter, who had been murdered, I asked the Lord to help me understand. I […]

Greater Authority

GREATER AUTHORITY During challenging times, one would think it enough to wield the authority to walk out an individual, overcoming believer’s life. Yet, it is not enough. Nor, in such times, are the safe places of congregations operating in their appointed authority, generally quite enough. Recent escalations of tragic events and dire threats in the […]

A Safe Place

A SAFE PLACE Since God has had a people, His design for community has had at its core being a safe place. This design serves as a trust society to nurture the gifts and the maturity of its members to the benefit of all. This blueprint for community began through the instructions God gave Moses, […]

The Counterfeit Spirit

THE COUNTERFEIT SPIRIT The religious spirit has plagued the thrust of God’s people from the beginning. Since the first century church, its counterfeit antics have perverted the household of faith’s quest for more of God. Its modus operandi is subtle, seductive and entangling. At its root is the perversion, the misapplication of the glory and […]

Turning the World

TURNING THE WORLD In times of accelerated change, anticipating the turns is prudent. Yet, for those living in the shadow of His wings, the mandate calls for something more. The call is to navigate the change. At the heart of all our efforts is what we refer to as the Issachar context: to understand the […]

Shroud of Clutter

THE SHROUD OF CLUTTER A firestorm, with its roots in the spiritual realm, is raging. No longer at the subtle stage, it is reaching a climax. The clamor impacts our thinking The claims of the world challenge the ways of God, distorting reality. Sensory bombardments and clutter add fuel to the confusion, overload, deception and […]